Good love, good sex and good weed

Yes I’m the most high
Baby want it, Mimosa
I tried to reverse her, a mentirosa
Gov me livin’ the vida loca in Acapulco
With my pictures on the wall on a poster, a roller coaster
So I try to dance my life away to get it over
I’m sippin’ Jamison with famous friends until I’m sober
Don’t wanna go home, I know I’m gonna get into a fight
I called my sidepiece and tell her I’mma spend the night
And if she out of town, baby we’ gon’ book a flight
She got it laid out with incense and candlelights
Your shit’s on hit, officially lit
You’re tryna get a nigga sprung, your pussy wet, you lil bit
You have no idea, what? You want me right here?
Are you sure that we can do this shit right here?
Cause if it’s on like that, I’ll spend the night here

– Snoop Dogg




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